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Rory Shaffer Senior editor

Because every GPS device and mapping software supports only a few kinds of files, many of their users had to deal with various file compatibility problems. The free TCX Converter application has been created to solve this kind of problems.

Don’t let its name mislead you: TCX Converter is more than a simple conversion solution for TCX files.
It can also load GPX, KML, TRK, FITLOG, FIT, PLT and CSV files and export to TCX, GPX, KML, PLT, HRM, TRK, CSV and FIT files.

It offers many other features besides the obvious conversion functions, such as being able to load multiple GPX track files and join them into one large course. It will let you manage waypoints, truncate tracks, view and update altitude data, and much more. TCX Converter can even import the data to be converted directly from a Garmin GPS device via Garmin Communicator Plugin or via the GPSBabel plugin. Considering its large number of additional features, I can say without any hesitation that TCX Converter is in fact a complete GPS data management solution.

I also like its simple, well-organized interface. There’s a noticeable attention for details in every little aspect of this program, from its additional tools to its interface, and I appreciate that a lot. Furthermore, there’s not one single thing about this tool that I could find to criticize or suggest for improvement. Briefly, I recommend this tool with all my heart.


  • Well-organized interface.
  • Supports converting between many file types.
  • Can join multiple GPX tracks to a single course.
  • Can import data directly from Garmin GPS devices.


  • The program has no disadvantages.

Latest comments

  All comments (5)
  • 0
    Guest 9 months ago

    I have a problem: I can't figure out how to use it! And I can't find instructions/guidelines for it!

  • 0
    Guest Last year

    Mine works fine on Ubuntu 12.04.

  • 0
    Guest Last year

    I can think of a con - it's only for Windows. I'm bummed.

    • 0
      Guest Last year

      NM, I found the Mac version on the home page link!